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pageMeister added to gClassHub

posted Apr 30, 2013, 11:48 AM by Bjorn Behrendt

  • Takes the URL of an existing Google Site and uses a list of students (with email addresses) to generate a page per student.
  • Allows you to construct the page titles in the spreadsheet.
  • Allows you to position the student pages underneath any page on your site.
  • Lets you use standard Sites templates (Web page, Announcements, List, File cabinet), or specify a custom page template.
  • Due to limitations in the Apps Script API, this script DOES NOT use "Page-Level Permissions". As a workaround, all students can be automatically added as editors or viewers to the whole Site.
  • Optionally send notification emails to students with new or existing pages
  • Batch send custom feedback emails to students using spreadsheet data.