Why do I have to Authorize the script?

When you first run the script an "Authorize" screen will come up warning you that the script is about to publish itself as a service.   This is a boilerplate Google Apps Script warning that reads the way it does because the underlying code includes a call to the "ScriptApp" service, which is used when running gClassFolders in "School Mode" to send custom URLs to users to allow them to have their class folders automatically moved into "My Drive."

Should I use "Single Teacher Mode" or "School Mode"?

Unless you have a plan for working with multiple teachers, perhaps starting across a grade level or division, you should stick with "Single Teacher Mode."  If you decide to use school mode, we advise you start small to understand whether the tool works for you.

How can I help?

You can help document and spread the word about this free tool through social media and by creating and posting screencasts, slide decks, or other resources, and by presenting about it at conferences.

Where Can I get help?

The authors of the script are largely unpaid for the work that went into it, so we rely on the community to support itself in many respects.  Please join and use the Google Plus community above to ask your questions.

How are upgrades managed?

There is currently no feasible way to upgrade an existing gClassFolders V1 to V2.  If you decide to use V2 in School Mode, be aware that student folder associations will be stored in the script itself, so all upgrades to code will have to be copied and pasted from upgraded source code.  Do not delete the script from your spreadsheet if you are using school mode, as you will destroy the root folder associations database.   Once Google fixes some aspects of their Libraries service in Apps Script, we are looking to move this to a "library" service that behaves more like a single cloud-based code instance and allows users to upgrade much more seamlessly.  Please voice your support for this fix by starring these issues in the Apps Script Issue tracker:  This one and this one.

Who pays you for this?

Bjorn and Andrew both work as educational technologists for public schools.  We have created this tool for the schools who employ us, and offer it to the world with limited supports or guarantees of quality.  We believe in the ability for lightweight tools built on the Apps platform to spread and scale at almost no cost to schools, and that with further investment, they could represent a revolution in educational technology.  Andrew's employer, New Visions for Public Schools, is a well-established 501(c) with the capacity to house a true development team if they were funded to do so.  If you are interested in providing significant funding to help scale this work, please contact Andrew directly.

Version 1 Information

Use gClassFolders v1 Template
(or search gclassfolders from the template gallery)
also available in the script gallery under gClassFolders
Version 1 Documentation

Change Log

View the change log: Click Here

Other Training Material

Some of these trainings may pertain to older versions of gClassFolders:

Allison Mollica's instructions for v2: http://goo.gl/zbaoP
Printable sheet for teachers: http://goo.gl/lStKb
Link to EduOnAir Presentation: http://youtu.be/O4A3toAsErI
Link to UDL Cast ebook: http://bookbuilder.cast.org/view.php?op=view&book=58279&page=1
gClassFolders Script to automate the creation of the folders: http://goo.gl/FrcrI
Podcast: GWPodcast Episode 41: gClassFolders

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