This is a gradebook spreadsheet that works with a google site.     When a student goes to the teachers website they will be shown their current grade.  When the teacher goes to their site they will have the option to choose between all the students. 

3/5/13: This project is in active development and is only listed here for testing purposes.   

  1. Spreadsheet
    1. Open the Spreadsheet template and do a file => make a copy.
    2. You will need the file id of the spreadsheet you just made
  2. Googel Site
    1. In an Apps Domain Google Site (sorry, works for Apps Domains ONLY), go to "More->Manage Site->Apps Scripts->Add new script" and copy and paste the code from this script: Site source code
    2. Replace the "dataSpreadsheetId" with the id of the Spreadsheet you just made
    3. Run the function "doGet" and authorize the script to run as "any domain user." 
    4. Save the script with a name you will recognize later
    5. Create a Sites page or use an existing Sites page and insert an Apps Script Gadget.
    6. Insert->Apps script gadget
    7. You will see the script listed.  Select it.
    8. Adjust the pixel dimensions, title, and settings as needed.  
    9.  Refresh the browser.